The Girls

This is the first outfit she pieced together herself. She wears it weekly.  I know, you’re thinking, what a wild cat you got there, with the long skirt and white cardi. But it is so her. She plays it safe. She’s predictable.  She’s not gonna be the flashiest girl in town, but she might be the most dependable.
She gets herself up in the mornings and then comes and makes sure I’m awake too.
“Get up, it’s time to pack my lunch mom,“ She says.
She is just. So. Responsible.  I don’t know how we managed to produce offspring such as her. I’m proud of her, and her simplistic style.  It reminds me that she’s still a little girl. Cautious and tentatively putting her stuff together.  I am so thankful for her.

Especially… Because I have this little hooligan following her.

It’s about the flash! It’s about the twirl factor. It’s about pink and glitter and princess and puppies.
I bought her this lovely dress at Target. It was on clearance. (There were probably 10 in each size on clearance and you can probable find them now, moved on to the Goodwill next door) The colors on this beauty don’t filter into your eyeball properly; they sort of assault the senses.  I knew in an instant this would be SCORE! for her.
She calls it her beautiful dress. She wears it a lot. She loves it.

She is so lovable.  And so so naughty.

She also says this a couple times a week. “I am so fat!” Naturally the first time I heard this I was quite concerned, and all this horrible skinny obsessed culture has corrupted my precious child, and she is already concerned about being overweight.
So I cautiously asked her, “What do you think about being fat?”
And she erased all my fears by saying:
“I love it! I want to be fat, like a superhero!”  You go girl, I was not expecting a goal of “being fat like a super-hero” on her wish list, but it has landed there, and she repeats that phrase at least one time a week.

Then we have this little charmer.

She is such a happy baby.  A lot of people ask me how she’s doing, and if there are any after-effects of the drugs in her system.  The short answer is probably not.  She meets all her grow-chart stuff. We don’t see anything alarming at this point.  The most obvious health issue she has is that she has literally had a cold since the day she was born.
There is lots and lots of snot.  She smiles and giggles.  She sort of sits, and it looks like she will start crawling any day now.

There you have it..those are my girls.

14 thoughts on “The Girls

  1. this was so fun, Andrea! my girls are a lot like this- responsible (well, for her age!) oldest girl- and a lovable, naughty hooligan for the second girl! we have yet to see what any future children will be like, of course i am glad little Jena is doing so well. i hope when warmer weather comes, she can get rid of her perpetual cold. i don’t know how you are, but i don’t handle lots of snot all that well!

  2. they’re all just dolls~ love your firstborn’s name. but the second one.. i think i just identify with her! fat like a superhero!!! right on!!!! :))) 

  3. oh, i loved listening to you describe your girls. i nodded along with so much of how you described your first and second daughter. Jacqui is 12 and so NOT responsible in her own world. but very thorough on keeping me in line! and she dresses so safe too….except now she is trying to prep for the teenage life and put outfits together. oh, my. they are bizarre in a safe and geeky way!  your second girl had me laughing and loving her spirited ways! and so happy about the babe. happy and growing are never taken seriously enough.

  4. LOVED hearing from you about your family. It is amazing how every child is so unique, so different from each other…yet all raised by the same mother. 🙂 Love your middle daughter’s take on being fat!! 🙂

  5. Awe they’re each so cute in their own way!  How funny about the super hero 🙂  Those naughty ones seem to come up with the best sayings and thoughts 🙂

  6. Three daughters, oh my goodness.That is what I hope for! Actually, I want four of them. :)But we’ll see!I think seeing all the different personalities would be SO fun.And challenging.Because what works for one wouldn’t work for all of them, and each one is so unique and needs to be studied and learn about who they really are.You are a great mom!Funny little super hero you’ve got there. 🙂

  7. I oddly was thinking of you today…the thought flashed through my mind that I’d not been to your site and not seen any updates from you.  Then one popped up just now.  What beautiful daughters!!  And I love (and am not surprised) that you see the beauty in each!When my daughter who is now 15, holy moly, used to say I’m beautiful on both the outside and the inside.  I loved that!  Was reminded by your daughters fat phrase…she might be saying phat…as in really cool.

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