10 Years!

Hours of conversation

Many arguments past
Many hugs given

Some dreams lie dormant
Some dreams born kicking and screaming,

There are tears,
There has been so much laughter

Barrels of forgiveness
Fountains of grace

Some nagging
Some ignoring

Inside Jokes

Some “I want to throw your cell phone out the window, and
then laugh when you get upset”
Some “Could you please not always let all your garden tools strewn all over the
yard; I am so tired of picking up all your piles”

Catching insults
And tossing one in return

Barrels of forgiveness
Fountains of grace

Iron sharpening iron
Keeping no records of wrong

Always hoping
Always persevering

Wondering if someday we will be THAT couple
Who shares a table at the restaurant
Saying nothing

God Forbid

Our anniversary was
the end of April… in true spirit of our union, I am posting this late.

10 thoughts on “10 Years!

  1.  this was so sweet- and funny, too. our anniversary was yesterday, and i have yet to post anything- have been too busy to come up with anything close to what i’d want- but by your standards, i still have time oh, and just so you know- that couple at the table saying nothing- it might not mean there is a problem. perhaps silence is the thing that is drawing them together. they are just enjoying being in each other’s presence, relaxing without the need to engage a bunch of brain cells that have become almost non-existent   sometimes when we go out to eat, we talk. sometimes we don’t. we enjoy one as much as the other.

  2. Excellent.  I think you wrote about us.  Barrels of forgiveness & fountains of grace…..do I ever see the significance in you repeating those lines. 🙂  But it’s so easy to see the love here too.Many more good years of conversation, laughter, hurling insults, and forgiveness to you.

  3. i love seeing wedding pics! yours is lovely. belated happy tenth anniversary wishes. so many of my posts don’t get published. i was looking at few the other day thinking, oh dear. now the words are all wrong. “yesterday” is now…3 months ago! i NEVER wanted to be that couple either. because for us…it wouldn’t reveal something healthy. i appreciated the eloquence that you shared so simply. neat post!

  4. @richlyblest – Good point about the silence. It’s this silly fear of mine. When we go out I usually point out all the ederly couples that look bored/tired out of their minds, and I don’t want us to end up there! @Sharejoy – I know seriously.  I also thought I was like the fattest bride ever. Hee hee.@baileyandme – Back at ya!  

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