I will bake some cookies without pre-measuring all the ingredients into different cups for different hands to dump.


I will go on a date and not worry about a babysitter and not worry about how late we can stay out.


I will take a shower without getting interrupted.


I will have a day that I don’t have to pick up a single Lego or My Little Pony.


I will not have to settle disputes over who gets the green sippy cup.


I will wash the kitchen floor without ringing out two extra rags for helpers who are not helpers at all.


I will get to say piously, “Enjoy them while they’re young, time passes so fast”.


I will not have diapers on my shopping list.


My house will not look like it is perpetually vomiting toys.


I will say “Those were the best days of my life”.

12 thoughts on “Someday…

  1. damys says:

    I will get to say piously, “Enjoy them while they’re young, time passes so fast”.You made my day! Love it.

  2. we5kings says:

    somhow I can relate to almost all of those “somdays”. And will we actually say those were the best days of our lives??? I think we will…

  3. Sharejoy says:

    You pegged it sista! 

  4. appalolly says:

    I too like the one about “piously saying Enjoy them while they’re young” cuz I just hear it way too often.  I doubt if those Mom’s said that when THEY were in the thick of it!   Great list!

  5. did you write this list for me?  sure sounds like you’re describing my life.  🙂 

  6. jostoltz says:

      I can relate!!!!  did you say “someday”?????

  7. probe_rider says:

    i like it! btw,that book looks very interesting- are you liking it? think i might go reserve it at the library.

  8. Carsonsmom2 says:

    Your life sounds just like mine. Love your list!

  9. MsWrite2 says:

    I am trying not to sound pious when I say this (ha) but enjoy these days… they really do vanish all too soon.

  10. I like the “real” feel here.  You are right on….it’s way it is and was and will be….I’m “there” now and loving life.  Can’t wait for the little ones to come so I can hand them measuring cupfuls to dump. : )    Oh, and DO “Enjoy them while they’re young, time passes so fast”.  : )   

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