taking a breath of the fresh internet air

  The stench is so heavy around these parts, I can barely breathe.  I walk from room to room and I keep thinking there is a dirty diaper somewhere, but there is non to be found.  Oh yes, we just hauled about 40?50?70? loads of manure yesterday.  I cannot excape, I’ve never actually tasted manure before, but today I can.  I feel like I need to be spraying Lysol around just to feel a little clean.  And tommorrow I will have pairs of lovely manure-crusted jeans and t-shirts to deal with. 

 On top of this, Brandt has come down with the stomach virus/flu that’s going around.  Lots’s of descriptive manure talk could go on here next, but I’ll leave it at that.  Suffice it to say that at two o’clock this morning I was googling “baby flu remedy” & “diaper rash remedy”.  So if you’re driving down Harvest Drive today yes, it’s our fault, get mad at us, we own a manure factory.

 In this post, I have mentioned manure a whopping five times.  See, it’s taking over my life.  My next post will be much cleaner, I promise.  I just wanted some sympathy for my life here in the muck.

See you later, I’m looking forward to the weekend with out my husband.  I can only handle so much of that guy!  Just joking, I’m looking forward to the weekend, because my sister and mom are gonna come keep me company at the smelliest place on earth.  Can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “taking a breath of the fresh internet air

  1. I so know how you feel!!  Ernie has the stomach/flu bug that’s going around.  I just really don’t enjoy having sick people around the house, but if I personally can escape it, I’ll be thankful.  Have a fun weekend with your mom and sister!

  2. Hmm, so is that smell keeping the hunger at bay?
    Just picked up Grace Based Parenting at the library, but haven’t cracked it yet.  Do you like it?

  3. oh my.  the manure smell around here is terrible too.  Paul = 5 days, Tal = 4.5 days, Soren = .5 day, Brielle = just beginning.  TMI?? 🙂  I’d rather just read blogs than even think about starting to clean.  Want a job today?  I’ll give you the bathrooms.  Gene finally got there, eh?  Have a puhaaarty with the gals. 

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