Homemade Games

My sister Sherry and I used to play “Fancy Lady” (such creativity in game naming!) when we were little.  It included opening a jar of spaghetiOs, one of us would eat really prim and proper with our pinky in the air.  The other would snort the spaghetiOs down like a pig, chew loudly, and smear their mouth with the sauce.   The fancy lady would stare with distain at the porky lady. That’s it.  That was the game.  But it was really a lot of fun, and we always fought to be the messy lady.

We also used to play “The Pillow Game” (limitless creativity I tell ya).  It involved throwing a pillow back and forth trying to catch it, points to the one who caught it the most.

Now my kids make up their own games.  They have:  “Can’t touch the floor” “Win” and “blanket-ball”.   My Mullet genes passed along the super-clever game naming skills.  “Win” is when they’re eating lunch, whoever cleans their plate first gets of the chair, runs around cheering and yelling then climbs back on the chair.  It is fun for them.  It is loud for me.

“Can’t touch the floor” is just like it sounds.  They walk around in the living room, but can you guess…? without touching the floor.  It involves lots of pillows and blankets being drug all over, and lots of messes being made.

Once I tried to teach them the pillow game.  They looked at me with big eyes like “What kind of lame-o game is this?”

Seriously though, I love watching kids making up their games.  I love their creativity, or lack of it.  I love to see them poke each other in the eye with a fork. Just kidding, that happened this morning.  I can’t wait to see when they’re older what kind of games they’ll come up with.
What kind of games did your children invent?

***Since it’s been forever since I updated, here is a family update that’s kind of like a Christmas Card.  And I even forgot to do a paragraph on Gene.  Oh well, he deserves a post all of his own. 

Elena has started Kindergarten.  She loves it. She does hate the bus drive though, and puts me on a guilt trip for not picking her up at school. I got to say I love having a school girl.  I love the schedule, the new school books, the learning stuff, and the new friends.  I’m hard pressed to find something I don’t like about it.  Plus, now she is full of wisdom like:  “Mom, I’m learning new things like don’t eat stuff that falls onto the floor.”  Oops, I guess I missed that one, Thanks Miss Peterson for picking up the slack.

                Brandt does not love Elena’s school days.  He has no clue how to entertain himself without his big sister to show him what to do.   He follows me around and whines a lot of the day when she is gone.

Also, he is Brandt.  That means he is kind of a mystery package that I am trying to unravel. (That sounds creepy, please don’t worry)  I did a little self-diagnosis, (don’t write me off) and came up with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Basically his sense of touch is very screwy and hypo-sensitive.  And his hearing and smell are just. a little. odd. It also means he lives a hard life.  So unless I get him evaluated by a professional, the diagnosis stands the same.

For us that means getting him dressed and going away is hard work.  He constantly says: “It doesn’t feel good” and “My pants are going to fall down,” even if the elastic is pulled so tight it leaves marks.  It usually takes about half an hour to get suitable clothes on him, and then we have to pack back-up clothes so we can give him the option of changing, when we go away.  The clothes he likes to wear are basketball shorts and t-shirts.
When we finally have him dressed, he is usually tired and has a little whipped puppy look about him.  I usually let Gene get him ready because he does a way better job of it.  I get frustrated, and feel like the time is ticking, and we need to leave, and just GOSHDANGDARNIT wear these clothes. (See how clean I cuss?)  Gene rolls in the room all fun and games, and basically makes a puppet show out of all the articles of clothing and Ta-da! A boy dressed for church.

Brandt  also likes to rough-house with Madelyn. Grabbing her neck, shaking her like a puppy and making her scream.  She yells and then whops him back.  Such loving offspring I have.

Sometimes I feel like I give so much of my energy to Brandt I don’t have much left over. Sometimes I feel like I’m closer to him because he takes so much of my time.  Funny how that works huh? Enter Mady.

She is sweet and spunky.  She knows that if she wants any attention she needs to demand it.  And demand she does.  She is great. She is super-huggable.  We all love her a lot. And we spoil her a lot.  Do you want to know a secret? She sleeps with us, in our bed. Shh don’t tell.  The goal is to get her into her own bed, we’ve tried, but it hasn’t lasted.  What can I say?  My ideals have dropped significantly the past five years.

Oh yes, and she likes to nibble on puppy biscuits.  Give her one and try to wrench it from her fist. It’s much easier to let her snack on it.

There you have it, a little of the Esh happenings. Here are some pictures, I am incapable of interspersing pictures throughout my post like some others can.  So I’ll have them all at the end.

Endless Summer playtime has come to an end


Excited for Day 1 of School


Classic: The kids are bathed, squeaky clean with hair washed. I send them outside for a tiny bit so I can finish cleaning up the house. The next time I look outside they are all climbing around on Gene’s dump-trailor of dirt. I need to  give them all baths again.


I spent way to long trying to get a good one year picture of her. Still don’t have it.

The other weekend in Ohio I got this picture of Dad with Madi and her cousin Ava. Love it!

My family in all our glory.


Have a good weekend everybody!